Common Issues Found During Engine Diagnostics

engine diagnostics, check engine lightHas the check engine light recently activated on your car or truck in Kennesaw, Washington? A vehicle’s check engine light may come on for a variety of reasons. To determine the exact cause, you’ll need to visit an auto shop for engine diagnostics. Your mechanic should be able to identify the cause quickly and will recommend any needed maintenance or auto repairs. While there are literally hundreds of potential causes, the following are some of the most common issues found during engine diagnostics in Kennesaw.

Damaged Gas Cap

Check engine lights will activate if there is a problem with your gas cap. While visually examining your cap may help, seeking engine diagnostics from a trained mechanic is important to verify that there aren’t other issues.

Blown Spark Plug

Another common reason for an activated check engine light is a broken spark plug. Your local maintenance shop can run engine diagnostics and replace the plug in no time.

Old Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters minimize environmental impact while driving. When one is damaged, the check engine light will come on. After performing engine diagnostics, your auto technician can make the necessary repairs.

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