Audi Auto Maintenance Tips for Drivers in Kennesaw

Audi maintenance

Do you own an Audi in Kennesaw, Georgia? If so, you already know how important it is to schedule regular Audi auto maintenance. You may not know, however, which services you should request and when. Proper maintenance is imperative and can often help you prevent the need for expensive repairs down the road. Keep the following Audi maintenance tips in mind for the next time you visit your local auto shop in Kennesaw. 

Change Power Steering Fluid in Hot Weather

The power steering and suspension system may require additional Audi auto maintenance during particularly hot summers. As a general rule, you should change the power steering fluid every 30,000 miles to prevent damage while driving.

Replace Brake Fluid Every 30,000 Miles

Another important aspect of Audi auto maintenance is replacing the brake fluid. Your auto technician should do this every 30,000 miles. If you don’t drive your vehicle regularly, plan to have this fluid replaced every three years. 

Bundle the Work

It’s quite difficult to reach certain parts of your Audi. This is why you should consider bundling work when you do need auto repair. For example, have your Audi auto maintenance technician replace other components if your timing belt is being serviced.

Need Audi Auto Maintenance Service in Kennesaw?

Do you need Audi auto maintenance service in Kennesaw, Georgia? If your Audi needs to be serviced, it’s important to find a certified and experienced technician. Not all auto shops have the tools and knowledge necessary to complete the needed maintenance and repairs. To receive the expert advice and quality workmanship you deserve, call Reinhardt’s German Auto Haus in Kennesaw or Marietta today! Our team of technicians has been working with Audis for years. In fact, we have extensive experience working on all German makes and models, as well as BMW and Mini and Mercedes vehicles! 

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