Stop by a Marietta Auto Repair Shop for These Dashboard Warnings

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How familiar are you with your vehicle’s dashboard warning lights? If one of your warning lights activates, it’s important to seek assistance at a Marietta auto repairshop right away. Whether you drive a Mercedes, BMW, Mini, or an Audi, these warning lights are designed to alert you when there’s an issue. Continuing to drive your car or truck can have costly consequences once they’ve lit up. To keep you and your vehicle safe, seek professional assistance at a Marietta auto repair shop as soon as possible. While there are several different dashboard warning lights to understand, the most common ones are:

Check Engine

Check engine lights can indicate a wide variety of issues, from a missing gas cap to serious power loss issues. While some are simple to fix, most will require maintenance or auto repair services at a Marietta auto repair shop.

Check Oil 

You should have your oil changed regularly. When your oil light activates, it means you’re overdue for this service. Schedule an appointment with a Marietta auto repair shop right away.

Check Brakes

The dashboard warning light for brakes is often depicted as an exclamation mark inside parenthesis. A Marietta auto repair shop technician will need to examine your vehicle closely to determine the underlying issue.

Need to Make an Appointment with a Marietta Auto Repair Shop?

Do you need to schedule an appointment with a Marietta auto repair shop? Regardless of the kind of car or truck you drive, taking note of dashboard warning lights is important. Seek help if you’ve noticed any of the above-mentioned warnings. Contact Reinhardt’s German Auto Haus in Kennesaw or Marietta to make an appointment for your vehicle right away. We also have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to keep your car running strong for years! 

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