Audi Auto Maintenance Tips for Drivers in Kennesaw

Audi maintenance

Do you own an Audi in Kennesaw, Georgia? If so, you already know how important it is to schedule regular Audi auto maintenance. You may not know, however, which services you should request and when. Proper maintenance is imperative and can often help you prevent the need for expensive repairs down the road. Keep the following Audi maintenance tips in mind for the next time you visit your local auto shop in Kennesaw. 

Change Power Steering Fluid in Hot Weather

The power steering and suspension system may require additional Audi auto maintenance during particularly hot summers. As a general rule, you should change the power steering fluid every 30,000 miles to prevent damage while driving.

Replace Brake Fluid Every 30,000 Miles

Another important aspect of Audi auto maintenance is replacing the brake fluid. Your auto technician should do this every 30,000 miles. If you don’t drive your vehicle regularly, plan to have this fluid replaced every three years. 

Bundle the Work

It’s quite difficult to reach certain parts of your Audi. This is why you should consider bundling work when you do need auto repair. For example, have your Audi auto maintenance technician replace other components if your timing belt is being serviced.

Need Audi Auto Maintenance Service in Kennesaw?

Do you need Audi auto maintenance service in Kennesaw, Georgia? If your Audi needs to be serviced, it’s important to find a certified and experienced technician. Not all auto shops have the tools and knowledge necessary to complete the needed maintenance and repairs. To receive the expert advice and quality workmanship you deserve, call Reinhardt’s German Auto Haus in Kennesaw or Marietta today! Our team of technicians has been working with Audis for years. In fact, we have extensive experience working on all German makes and models, as well as BMW and Mini and Mercedes vehicles! 

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Extend the Life of Your Transmission in Marietta

extend transmission life, transmission repairThe transmission is an absolutely essential component of your vehicle in Marietta, Washington. Without it, you won’t be driving anywhere. While most auto shops can repair or replace your transmission when it begins to fail, these services can be costly and time-consuming. The better bet is to keep your current transmission running as long as possible. Fortunately, there are several ways you can go about this. Take advantage of the following tips so you’ll extend the life of your transmission in Marietta.

Keep Up with Regular Auto Maintenance

One of the best ways to extend the life of your transmission is to schedule regular auto maintenance services. When other components in your vehicle are malfunctioning, it puts more strain on everything else, including your transmission. As part of this process, you should have your transmission flushed regularly. Continue Reading →

Important Auto Maintenance You Need Before Winter in Kennesaw

winter auto maintenance, winter maintenanceWhile the remnants of summer are still here, it’ll be winter before you know it! Cold weather, snow, and ice can play havoc with your car or truck in Kennesaw, Washington. That’s why it’s so important to schedule the necessary auto maintenance now. Ensuring that you’re prepared before the inclement weather hits can help you prevent the need for expensive auto repair down the road. Keep the following auto maintenance tips in mind as you prepare for winter in Kennesaw.

Check Your Headlights/Brake Lights

Something few drivers think about is the fact that days are longer during the summer. Once winter hits, you’ll be driving in the dark far more often. This is why it’s absolutely essential that you have your auto technician examine the lights on your car or truck during routine auto maintenance. Continue Reading →

Qualities all Good Auto Shops in Marietta Have

auto shop qualitiesAre you looking for a good auto shop in Marietta, Washington? It’s important to realize that not all auto repair centers are made equally. Some shops overcharge for labor, use low quality parts, and employ auto technicians with minimal experience. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell which ones are reliable and which are not. There are actually a number of traits all reliable shops possess. To ensure you receive the quality workmanship you deserve, never settle for an auto shop without the following qualities in Marietta.

Positive Customer Reviews

When looking for an auto shop, the first thing you should check are customer reviews. Today, most companies have a website where you can view feedback from their previous customers. If there isn’t a company website, look for feedback on review websites. Continue Reading →

Important Facts You Should Know About Auto Tires in Kennesaw

tire factsWhen was the last time you had your auto tires serviced in Kennesaw, Georgia? Every car or truck owner should have basic knowledge of tires. When properly cared for, this vehicle component can help keep you safe and will ensure that your car or truck stays on the road longer. Keep these auto tire facts in mind the next time you visit an auto shop in Kennesaw.

Tire Fact #1—Temperature Impacts Tire Pressure

Many people don’t realize that the temperature actually impacts tire pressure. A change of as little as 10 degrees can cause the pressure in your tires to increase or drop. It’s a good idea to have an auto technician check your pressure as the seasons change.

Tire Fact #2—Tire Rotation is Necessary

To prevent unnecessary auto repairs, you should have your auto tires rotated on a regular basis. As you drive, your tires wear down. They will last significantly longer if you have them rotated every 5000 to 7000 miles. Continue Reading →

Why You Need a Pre-Trip Oil Change in Marietta

Why a Pre-Trip Oil Change | Marietta | Reinhardt’s German Auto Haus Are you planning a summer trip with your family in Marietta, Washington? As part of your pre-trip preparations, find out if your vehicle needs an oil change. You should schedule oil changes with your auto shop every 3,000 miles driven to keep your engine running correctly. Consider the following reasons why pre-trip oil changes are so important as you make travel plans this summer in Marietta.

Oil Combats Rust

Rust occurs naturally when dealing with metal, but you should do what you can to prevent it in your vehicle. The best way to do this is by scheduling regular oil changes. These will ensure that clean, fresh oil is pumping through your engine’s internal components. To avoid expensive repairs, ask your auto technician to look for signs of rust during your next oil change appointment.

Oil Lubricates Your Engine

Your engine contains a variety of moving parts. Keeping them lubricated is absolutely imperative, or else these parts will begin to grind against each other without regular oil changes. The resulting metal shavings will cause tremendous damage to your engine and result in expensive auto repairs. Continue Reading →

Common Issues Found During Engine Diagnostics

engine diagnostics, check engine lightHas the check engine light recently activated on your car or truck in Kennesaw, Washington? A vehicle’s check engine light may come on for a variety of reasons. To determine the exact cause, you’ll need to visit an auto shop for engine diagnostics. Your mechanic should be able to identify the cause quickly and will recommend any needed maintenance or auto repairs. While there are literally hundreds of potential causes, the following are some of the most common issues found during engine diagnostics in Kennesaw.

Damaged Gas Cap

Check engine lights will activate if there is a problem with your gas cap. While visually examining your cap may help, seeking engine diagnostics from a trained mechanic is important to verify that there aren’t other issues. Continue Reading →

Signs Your Vehicle Needs General Auto Repair in Marietta

general auto repairAre you unsure how to tell when you need general auto repair in Marietta, Georgia? Addressing auto repair possibilities right away is vital, because continuing to drive your car or truck without attending to mechanical issues can cause even more extensive damage. You should always bring your vehicle to a reliable auto shop for assessment as soon as you notice a potential problem. Seek general auto repair immediately if you notice any of these common warning signs.

Dashboard Warning Lights

One of the easiest ways to tell when there’s a problem with your vehicle is your dashboard warning light system. These lights will activate when it’s time to see a mechanic for general auto repair.

Noise When Driving or Braking

Noise of any kind from your vehicle can indicate a serious problem. If you notice squealing or grinding when braking, or groaning or growling when driving, stop by a maintenance shop for general auto repair right away. Continue Reading →

Recommended Auto Maintenance Before Summer Travel From Kennesaw

summer auto maintenanceNothing ruins a trip faster than car trouble. The easiest way to prevent issues is to ensure your vehicle is up to date on all recommended pre-summer auto maintenance. A reputable repair shop will often suggest services during regularly scheduled oil changes. Here are three of the most important vehicle maintenance points to consider before leaving on your summer trip from Kennesaw.

Brake Checks

Being able to stop when needed is an essential feature of a safe vehicle. There are quite a few components to a properly functioning brake system. Highly-trained mechanics should check and perform any necessary pre-summer auto maintenance on your brake pads, rotors before you hit the road. Some shops even provide a limited warranty to cover replacements and repairs. Continue Reading →

Finding Expert German Auto Repair in Kennesaw and Marietta

Mercedes repair, Kennesaw, MariettaDo you own a Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, or other German vehicle in Kennesaw or Marietta, Georgia? Taking your car to a dealership for German auto repair may not always be the best option. Finding a highly-trained and experienced alternative auto shop can be difficult, however. With so many options, it can be hard to find an auto technician you can trust. To help you receive the service you need, keep these tips in mind as you begin your search.

Ask Around

The best way to find a reliable German auto repair shop in Kennesaw or Marietta is to ask around. Take some time to ask other German car owners where they have taken their vehicles in the past. You probably know someone who will be able to point you towards a shop they’ve come to rely on for regular auto repairs. Continue Reading →