What the Latest Mercedes-Benz Fuel Tank Warranty Extension Means for You

Mercedes-Benz fuel tank warrantyDo you own a Mercedes-Benz? You may be impacted by the latest Mercedes-Benz fuel tank warranty extension. As of October 2017, the fuel tank warranty on some cars has been upgraded, meaning future related auto repairs could be less expensive. Here’s what you should know about this update.

Which parts and vehicles are impacted?

The new Mercedes-Benz fuel tank warranty upgrade impacts the fuel tank, fuel filter/sender, fuel pump, and related gaskets. Essentially, anything specified under “Covered Fuel Tank Components.” This extension impacts gasoline-fueled, non-PZEV certified Model Year 2003 – 2009 E-Class and 2006 – 2011 C-Class vehicles.

How is the warranty different?

Previously, your fuel tank warranty covered repairs for the first four years or 50,000 miles, whichever came first. With the Mercedes-Benz fuel tank warranty extension, the same parts are covered for 15 years, regardless of miles driven. Continue Reading →

Mercedes Maintenance Tips

Mercedes MaintenanceYour Mercedes is a finely-tuned, luxury automobile. If you want to keep it in perfect driving condition, you’ll need to take it in for regular Mercedes maintenance services. Even if you don’t drive your car regularly, it still needs attention from a properly trained Mercedes technician so it will perform at its best.

How to Keep your Mercedes in Perfect Driving Condition

  • Follow the Service Schedule in the Owner’s Manual

Read your owner’s manual carefully and follow it to the letter. The manufacturer has spent time and resources determining the best way to keep its products performing at their best. Continue Reading →