Signs Your Vehicle Needs General Auto Repair in Marietta

general auto repairAre you unsure how to tell when you need general auto repair in Marietta, Georgia? Addressing auto repair possibilities right away is vital, because continuing to drive your car or truck without attending to mechanical issues can cause even more extensive damage. You should always bring your vehicle to a reliable auto shop for assessment as soon as you notice a potential problem. Seek general auto repair immediately if you notice any of these common warning signs.

Dashboard Warning Lights

One of the easiest ways to tell when there’s a problem with your vehicle is your dashboard warning light system. These lights will activate when it’s time to see a mechanic for general auto repair.

Noise When Driving or Braking

Noise of any kind from your vehicle can indicate a serious problem. If you notice squealing or grinding when braking, or groaning or growling when driving, stop by a maintenance shop for general auto repair right away.

Leaking Fluids

Another sign you need general auto repair is leaking fluids. If you notice brown or greenish spots on the ground after your car has been parked, see an auto technician as soon as possible. This generally indicates a minor problem, but it can develop into an expensive repair if not addressed.

Need General Auto Repair in Marietta?

Do you need general auto repair in Marietta, Georgia? Now that you’re familiar with the warning signs, you should be prepared to handle issues when they arise. Don’t let minor problems turn into expensive repairs by ignoring the signs your vehicle is giving you. Contact Reinhardt’s German Auto Haus in Kennesaw or Marietta, Georgia, for expert vehicle maintenance and repair today. Visit our website for information on our limited warranty or call:

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